04 March 2008

Where the Author Pauses Before Answering

My son posed an interesting question the other day. Not interesting for an adult, mind you, but it was something I hadn't expected to hear from my child at the tender age of 6. Upon looking at the box of a new toy and noticing the human hand in one of the pictures, he asked, "Why are there only white people on the toys and on TV?" Hmmmmm. Good question, young blood.

After praising him for his critical thinking abilities, I reminded him that there are black folks on the TV (although I know good and well that there aren't many of us on the commercials seen on Nickelodeon, Noggin, and the like). I told him the question he should also be asking is why there aren't any Asian and Latino kids represented in the commercials. In the end, I said his question was one he should never hesitate to ask. Ask me. Ask Dad. Ask his teachers. Put all of us grown-ups on the spot and make us stammer through sugar-coated explanations of racism.

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Drew said...

Good one. I regularly think that myself. Although I do see more mixtures of races on commercials than when I was younger it's a far cry from what it should be. My kids watch Noggin' and Nickelodeon on rare occasions (we try not to do too much tv if we can help it) and we always turn it off during commercials...So I never paid any attention..Smart kid you have there....Time for the world to be a little more aware of these things too...