06 June 2008

Black Power Surfboard?

But of course! With a little nod (in yellow) to James Brown.


Beach Bum said...

Welcome back sister and get well soon - I have a virus thingy so I kinda know how you feel...don't get me started on wax ... that barbed wire round your pre-school / day-care centre is deeply disturbing, I agree.

Jamie Watson said...

Hi Surfsister! I'm so excited you said hello. I just saw your surf site last week but I can't leave comments on it. I love this board. How big is it? I want a longer board myself. Oh, and I guess you live in the side withOUT the paneling! (-:

Have a great weekend.

canyons said...

Excellent board -- and blog. Glad I clicked over. I already check “Intruder” pretty much daily as I learn to surf.

About the goggles – good chance it was my husband. Some 14-year olds do yell out “kook”. Others actually ask where to find them, because they’re prescription.

I’m sure I look plenty out of place in the water even without specs. But the way my eyes are going, chances are I’ll end up with some. (This morning at gray-gray Sunset, I would've been glad for sharper sight!)

So if you see a small chick with goggles, I trust I’ve seen you, and am getting out of the way of the log! Best, faithful reader

Surfsister said...

Was your husband at the break on both Saturday and Sunday? Yeah, that was probably your man. I rode a wave with him on Sunday. He was to my left. A brother with a black and neon orange wetsuit was to my right. One of my friends dubbed it the "Black Wave" for obvious reasons.

Hey, why don't you try contacts? I wear them in the water. I've even had to swim for the board on occasion—okay, I swim for the board quite a bit. I always swim with my eyes open and my contacts don't fall out.

Thanks for the comment and the love!

canyons said...
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Worm said...

Sorry i wanted to comment on your surf blog but couldn't and found this blog which i actually like a lot more. Knowledge is way more important than the surf report.

Yeah that waxy waxy actually goes on whatever color the bar is. you can also use the wax to sabotage your friend's board (which i learned the hard way)

When did you go to shelter? i work there on mondays. if you're looking to head up here again you should come by on saturday. We're having the us release of seaworthy, ryan tater artwork and the TJ Panthers are playing. there will also be free drinks. THe shows are always a blast so you should make every effort to come up.